Review of uCertify Online Training Kit

A few months ago I reviewed ASP.NET Web Applications Development Training Kit from uCertify, now they have an online version of this toolkit available. At first glance, I must say there is a very BIG improvement in the interface, it looks so googlely now and easier to navigate. There are a few new features also, such as Flash Cards, Book and Study Planner.

Screenshot of the main dashboard.


The Book is a nice feature and better organizes the reference materials than the desktop version. You get a list of chapters, the option to select the notes or do practise quizzes or tests for that chapter and a mini preparation report of how much percentage you learnt and mastered. My last review gave Tests a score of 10/10, I wish I can give this version a higher score due to the improvements made. Tests now have 3 category types, Test Mode which lets you review answers at the end of the test, Learn Mode which provides you with feedback immediately after each question and Review Mode which lets you review all the questions and explanations without taking the test.


Screenshot of the Book Dashboard. 


The Study Planner feature is the biggest feature added so far with a progress report that  tells us your target, your preparation and reference materials covered right up to the day of the exam. On the page, I was greeted with a progress bar and this awesome statement: <em>Your preparation is about 0.5% complete. You took 1 days to complete 0.5%. At this pace you will need another 6 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, to be fully prepared for your final (exam).</em> You can take tests and view references of various categories from this page also. Great new feature.


Its good to see that the company not only just add new content but continuously work on their learning management systems to have a better learning environment and experience for the user. I’m also happy to see that they are placing more focus on UI as it represents the environment of a class room. A clean and modern UI represents a clean and modern class room which makes us learn better.