Jamaica Blog Awards 2012 nomination

Me and my friend’s blog were nominated for the Jamaica Blog Awards 2012. You should vote for us at these Urls: Shawn Mclean - This blog Romaine Carter - Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms Rion Jefferson - Personal Blog

Packt Publishing eBook offer for Christmas

Packt publishing currently has a promotion of reducing the prices of books to $5 USD if a purchase of 2 or more is made. Books such as a Computer Vision cookbook, costing $22 USD, will be on sale for $5, good deal IMO. This company offers books that tries to keep up with the latest technologies and paradigms of software engineering. They have many books on HTML5, the current trend of technology right now. I suggest browsing their collections every few months/weeks to see what is new. Visit their promo page for more details: http://www.packtpub.com/news/stock-your-reader-christmas

Displaying camera output to full screen in windows phone

Sometimes we might need to display the camera output as full screen on our windows phone but due to the difference between aspect ratio of the camera output and the phone screen, this poses as a slight challenge. The first problem is that the mapped camera output is rotated vertically. The second problem is the aspect ratio. Code The following code shows how to solve this: Xaml CSharp The code-behind is a watered down version of setting up a camera. (There are checks to see if camera is supported, etc.)  Explanation  Ensure the Canvas you are mapping the camera's video...

Getting started with rake on .NET and visual studio

Rake is normally used as a build tool scripting language (if used for anything else, please do comment). I’ve been using it for almost 2 years in place of NAnt and MSBuild due to its programmability. Executing a concise script to do anything I want for my build process is a great bonus rather than writing complex XML configurations. At work, I hook this script into the team city build server (which supports running rake tasks). My tasks ranges from versioning, unit-tests, deploy to staging and manual click to deploy to production, without having server specific features. Anything the build server...

Converted SVN to Git project does not open in visual studio

I had a SVN hosted visual studio project that I just converted to Git. I am using the AnkhSVN plugin for SVN and Git Source Control provider plugin for git. After the conversion, I tried managing the project with Git Source Control Provider but visual studio threw this error: The active solution or project is currently controlled by a different source control plugin that the one you have selected. If you change the source control plug-in, the active solution will be closed. To fix this, apparently AnkhSVN added a pre-selection command to the solution file that tells visual studio to use...