Imagine Cup 09 results

We did not make it to the top 12. The results sourced from the imagine cup blog is:

Software Design

First place: Romania — SYTECH

Second place: Russia — Vital Lab

Third place: Brazil — Virtual Dreams

Embedded Development

First place: South Korea — Wafree

Second place: China — iSee

Third place: Ukraine — Intellectronics

Game Development

First place: Brazil — LEVV It

Second place: United States — Epsylon Games

Third place: United Kingdom — Sanquine Labs

Robotics and Algorithm

First place: Czech Republic — Lukáš Perůtka

Second place: Canada — Byron Knoll

Third place: China — Lin Fuming

IT Challenge

First place: Romania — Cosmin Ilie

Second place: China — Wu Chang

Third place: Bolivia — Miklos Cari Sivila


First place: United States — CURIOS

Second place: Poland — Monastery of Innovations

Third place: Singapore — PlanetKY


First place: Croatia —Voodoo Delirium

Second place: Singapore — Woolgathering

Third place: Japan — Terada

Short Film

First place: United Kingdom — Fulham Four

Second place: India — ChennaiCoolers

Third place: Ukraine — Just4Fun


First place: Brazil — Willburn

Second place: United States — eXchangeFun

Third place: France — Paindepices

Interoperability Award:

First Place: Brazil — Proativa Team

Second Place: Poland — Fteams

Third Place: Jordan — ECRAM

Unlimited Potential Design for Development Award:

First Place: Malaysia — COSMIC

Second Place: China — Unique Studio

Third Place: Malaysia — Capricorn

Unlimited Potential MultiPoint Education Award:

First Place: India — Trailblazers

Accessibility Award:

First Place: Saudi Arabia — ATST

Accessible Design Award:

First Place: United States — eXchangeFun

Parallel Computing Award:

•First Place: India — Biollel

Tablet Accessibility Award:

First Place: United States — Auratech

Second Place: Brazil — IC-UNICAMP

Live Services Award:

First Place: France — Help’Aged

Second Place: Serbia — BrainWave

Windows Mobile Award:

First Place: Croatia — Team Explorer

Second Place: Indonesia — Big Bang

Third Place: Brazil — Virtual Dreams

H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak Special Award:

First Place: Poland — kAMUflage

Second Place: Egypt — Big Buddy

Third Place: France — WikiChildProtect