HTML5 canvas cookbook, beginners guide to game development with html5

I recently read through HTML5 Canvas Cookbook , a very good book from complete newbs to advanced game developers looking to get started in creating HTML5 games. If you have some form of game dev experience before, its very easy to catch on, all this book will do is teach you the API with some web dev techniques such as using it in an MVC type of approach. It also targets just normal html5 canvas development, for example, creating charting controls or just simple animations. Basically, this book just replaces a beginners book for getting started in flash development.

What I really like about it is that it starts out with just drawing simple geometry and shapes, giving code examples and images of how it should look. It then moves on to videos and image manipulation inside the canvas, can be used for sprites and possibly image based animations. (I wouldn’t recommend video as animation).

The next chapter was about translation of the geometry, of course knowledge of linear algebra is needed here. Then the next chapter moves on to actual animation of the geometry, moving your objects around, tweening, etc. Basically  gives you the code to replace all that the flash tool would give you if you were doing this in flash.

The other chapters are practical examples, such as building charts and graphs, then a small game. I just scanned over charts, but the game part was awesome. The example the author gave uses all the techniques we need to build a 2d game, with the engine and all. (no physics though but that is common sense if you can manage from here). You can tie in Box2D.JS with your game easily.

The book even attempts to introduce you to webgl (building and animating a cube), I didn’t read this chapter though, I have no intention of learning any WebGL programming whatsoever until its released properly.

In all, this book is like a tutorial/reference manual that I will surely go back to when I start my little 2d game engine. The table of contents flows and makes sense so its easy to find what you want. I think this book could be read in a few hours by a beginner and they can also get started building 2D games right out of the box.