Getting Windows 8 Developer Preview to work in Virtualbox

This is how I installed Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer package (64-bit) on Virtual Box which is on my 64-bit Windows 7 machine:

  1. Download some ISO mount tool.
  2. Download the windows 8 ISO.
  3. Download Virtualbox.
  4. Setup a new machine in Virtualbox, I gave mine 1.5Gb RAM and 20GB space. Windows 8 requires 1Gb RAM and 13Gb storage, so make sure you're over that.
  5. Set your OS as Windows 7 64-bit.
  6. There are some settings that is required for this to work. In the settings, go to System > Motherboard and enable IO APIC extended settings, then move to the Processor tab enable PAE/NX, then move to the Acceleration tab and enable the 2 hardware acceleration (Nested Paging and VT-x/AMD-V). (Most important part, why I even wrote this post).
  7. Start the machine, select the mounted drive and everything is common sense from there to install the OS.
Here is the machine setup: